Annabel is a freelance journalist and digital editor based in London, UK.




Since early 2017, Annabel has been the Digital Editor at Graduate Fashion Week and Fashion Scout. Her role as Digital Editor includes designing and executing a creative digital strategy across all of Graduate Fashion Week and Fashion Scout's social media and digital communications as well as defining branding and running large digital teams during London Fashion Week. The role includes analytical reporting, the management of a sub-editor, overseeing creative cross platform marketing campaigns from concept to completion.  It requires an in depth knowledge of digital media, regular creative direction in film and photography, and the management of budgets. 

Annabel completed a digital consultancy at TASK PR, a London & Munich based PR company, for six months from September 2017 - March 2018. In October 2017, Annabel was flown to Sri Lanka to run the on site digital communications for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sri Lanka, after being brought in to liaise between the organiser and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In March 2018 Annabel took over the Wrangler Europe instagram account to cover a collection launch event in Soho, London, and shot footage that was later used to create advertising content. 




Annabel is a regular contributor to several publications, such as   Å Journal and XXY Magazine.

She has previously worked with Frankie & Clo, New York, as a copywriter, and spent time on the editorial team at Wonderland Magazine, London. Annabel proofread and edited the second issue of Å Journal and in her multiple Digital Editor roles, regularly commissions, writes and edits brand appropriate features, news and announcement articles.  Annabel has spent time in the Digital Features team at, and whilst she works primarily in the digital sphere, her articles have been published in print, in both Wonderland and Sunday Girl Magazine

Specialising in features, fashion, lifestyle, culture and politics, Annabel writes about a variety of experiences that shape modern life, sartorial choices alongside political criticism from a feminist viewpoint. With a BA with honours degree in philosophy, politics and ethics from Brighton University, Annabel’s work often hones this perspective.



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